I got the xfx version apparently is factory overclocked 50mhz or something.. Its expense generally precludes its use in commercial applications. Temperature range C to C. ForSure Expert Member Jul 20, If i was buying now, id check out the Asus version edit, Sybaritic has the Asus version

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Joined Apr 11, Messages 2, This is the same number of shading units and pipelines found on the GeForce GT, so the only difference on the card is the clock speeds and the memory type used.

If you would like more information on the GS video card please read our preview here. This gefprce a healthy boost for both and will surely give you just a little more gaming power and still keep the card fan free. It is a vacuum-deposited dimer used primarily in space and military operations.

I got the xfx version apparently is factory overclocked 50mhz or something. Thermoplastic lacquer base means the coating is easy to apply, easy to remove and repair.

Look like prices went up.

PassMark – GeForce GS – Price performance comparison

Moisture resistance comparable to urethane and silicone, but poor resistance to petroleum solvents and alcohol. What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. All data herein represent typical values for various types of coatings. The cards are aviable and priced to move. XFX has decided that despite the increases in clock speed that the reference passive heatsink will still be fine for their hot rod GS.


This review was done on a retail card from our friends at XFX and the numbers speak for themselves.

Commonly used conformal coatings include fxx, acrylic, urethane, and epoxy. You must log in or register to reply here. And, should you sell or transfer the card, XFX will honor the warranty for the card’s second owner, too, as long as they register it online.

Just make sure ur case is well ventilated cause it uses a passive heatsink or just get a slot fancard if u worry about these things.

If i was buying now, id check out the Asus version edit, Sybaritic has the 7600gd version Call of Duty 2 Page 8: Tarzan Well-Known Member Jul 20, ForSure Expert Member Jul 20, For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I’d say the gs. For specific ratings and details, contact the manufacturer of a specific coating.

xfx geforce 7600gs 256mb pro,s and cons ?

Employee Survey – Win prizes worth Sfx, You are losing out on amazing benefits because you are geforcee a member. You can rest easy that if for some reason that something should happen that XFX backs up each and every one of their video cards with a double lifetime warranty. Joined Jan 30, Messages 46, Thread starter ForSure Start date Jul 20, We apply all these coatings regularly, except epoxy, which is rarely specified due to its permanence.


The GS addresses what is likely the most important part of the market, the budget line. Joined Feb 2, Messages This is big news for those wanting a silent cooling solution and geforve those in the HTPC market. Joined Nov 19, Messages 6, Cant decide on new pci-x vga card?