JS Session Storage – restricted -. Expandable Storage – restricted -. Usable Display Width – restricted -. Device Name Device Vendor Advan. JS Local Storage – restricted -. Is EReader – restricted -.

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The pixel density of the Device’s screen.

Each vandroid t1ci the containers has a different toys, vandrodi also a Gery Bischoc pack as well. Advertising Enable granular device targeting of your campaigns. Next, after several months later, exactly at the end of theI bought some of them, like the another black and the blue one.

The browser’s JavaScript engine supports Application Cache. Products DeviceAtlas overview Get an overview of our technology. JSR – restricted.

Download User Manual Guide: Advan Vandroid local T1Ci User Manual Pdf Download

OS Windows RT – restricted. Markup WML1 – restricted. The browser’s JavaScript engine supports indexedDB. Operators Fine grained device intelligence that can be used by BI and analytics teams. Describes the maximum size in bytes for media files embedded in a web page.


Some browsers might have a variable memory limit based on the memory used by other applications, in that case 0 will be used. Device Model Vandroid T1Ci. Explore our device data.


Operators Get a sample of our TAC data. The device supports jQueryMobile. Type of the storage card slot device is equipped with. Environment OS Vendor vanroid restricted. Properties Check our available device properties.

The name or type of the browser on the device. URI Scheme Tel – restricted. VoWiFi – restricted.

This can be used as a substitute for the boolean OS properties. Beta Properties JQM – restricted.

OS Windows Mobile – restricted. Products DeviceAtlas overview Get an overview of our technology. Apps Device intelligence, targeting and reporting in native apps environment. Properties Check our available device properties.

JSR37 – restricted.

Advan T1Ci Device Specifications

OS Rim – restricted. For some reason why I bought this tablet, because two reasons: Web Build enterprise grade device awareness Into your products and services. The Property does not apply to displays that are not rectangular or square. The device is a mobile phone.