But if it is detected, it works fine. So I do not know the firmware in this boards. My current firmware revision is ” Moreover apparently it seems better not to touch to resistor R55 located above the otherone which is connected to pin and corresponds to “OE ” Is there anyone of you who knows which one I should remove whitout taking the risk to make the device unusable? The Pl works perfectly fine when connected via the USB2.

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Do a search on this forum for the chipset and there’s a longish thread a while back that Prolidic started when I first started looking for firmwares for it.

Need Help Converting ,hz 3. Unbalanced structure is not allowed 2. If i dont do the speed test it appears to record to them just fine. The Pl works proliric fine when connected via the USB2. The Same original one that was in the T when i got it before i upgraded to 80GB. Proliic have my PL enclosure back with a drive in it and it seems happy with 2. This new firmware has numbering If there is a component to disable user flashing, it probably isn’t R55 but another resistor or link somewhere between pin 32 and the PL but it isn’t possible to identify it from the photographs.

Is the Prolific PL Compatible Chipset? – Sound Devices Forum

Decided to throw in the towel, and just got a Oxford chipset drive I have another 3 enclosures with Oxford chips instead and wrote off the Prolific one as a bad mistake. Reading your thread, I checked the chipsets inside of them: As I recommeded to Gareth in another thread, the next thing to try would be to roll back the code to 2.

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Using all 3 versions of ROMWriter with various versions of firmware Hi, I’m also having problems with 2. I have a feeling that my problem may be solved by one of the numerous firmware updates available but I have simply been unable to get it to work.

Is it reliable using USB2? Good thing I currently do not have any critical data on the drive and the wonders of driveimage. The enclosure I have has caused corruption of every hard drive I’ve put in it. I also dont use the thing too heavily, just for some backups and also extra space for occausional video editing, and it’s always turned off when not in use. The drive seems to work fine for a period All past user discussions are searchable by product.

A way to flash firmware to my webcam?

Prolific PL3507 – 2 IDEdevices?

I had problems with the GL Chipset with both firmware versions. It seems this is due to a zero resistor which is sometimes put on those devices to prevent people from flashing it by themselves http: Its still there you just need to know where and how to look.


Facing difficult in executing the code for calling function using tri-state buffer 2. Potentiometer with Microcontroller 1. If, however, there are major disadvantages, I’ll want to return the item immediately.

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Sign in Already have an account? It looks as though there have been about 9 firmware revisions after the version I currently have. There is firmware floating around the web for this chipset – some of it for the Plumax enclosure. Posted November 1, I wonder if the same level of performance is maintained in their USB 2. Unlike ‘normal’ memories, in order to write anything to that kind of device there is a special sequence of commands sent from the MCU to unlock the write operation and it has to be repeated for each byte so something has to be able to control the WE pin to allow the commands to be written to it.

Not only do Prolific enclosures need flashing to fix problems, the latest firmware may not even be the best.