I have just about reached the conclusion that the device is bad. The Musiland 02 will appeal to two types of buyers: Thank you for understanding. Headphone jack 1 is for high impedance cans while 2 is for low impedance. Simple DAC from Musiland. Thanks, cregan for your inputs. Dragon uses a crystal, the same as the old version.

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You sure that the SR cannot be changed? The state of music does not assume responsibility for any errors or omissions that may appear in this information.

In addition, if you use USB3, then the additional power current -if your source is a USB3 port- can be utilized by the analog section. Reply February 27, Erwin Lee. By musilxnd to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

MUSILAND Monitor 02 US Mark 2 DSD 32bit / 384khz USB Sound Card DAC Usb2.0

Take care and thanks for the reviews! Monitor 02 US mark2 sound card using the latest power processing technology and headphone amplification technology, the use of USB self-powered, you can provide excellent sound quality and strong headphone driving force.

You could just lower the volume through one of the volume controls in the Musiland control panel and that moves you away from 0db. According to the soomal, the 03 has a slight edge when listening through the headphone, but both are very close.

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Is this Musiland Monitor 02 US Mark 2 DAC any good?

Reply October 17, Guest. Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi.

Click here to see Uri Cohen’s full review The X-Fi has wide soundstage compared to onboard, however the depth is further improved on the 02US as well as the width the depth was a more noticeable change than width. SQ is good, and when it is connected it instantly is recognized. Playing around with the different sampling rate options, I find 96kHz to give the most ideal sound, as it has the best balance between detail extraction, tonal balance, and the overall ambiance.

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Musiland Monitor 02 US | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Pros – Great tone, no colorization, rich midstimbre and bass impact. The X-Fi has wide soundstage compared to onboard, however the depth is further improved on the 02US as well as the width the depth was a more noticeable change than width. With my experience with the headphone jacks I would recommend to avoid them at all cost.

If you decide that you want to use the Monitor 02 US as a digital transport you can. That is beyond the specification limit for spdif. Loaded with professional clock synthesis algorithm to revert audio files via audio clock generated by the DCM inside APU, it creates harmonic distortion that is close to musliand limit of human hearing.


Yes, my password is: This version has the best specification of the x series.

The state-of-the-art balanced analog filter amplifier circuit provides the best balance of high resolution and musicality, while preserving the audio detail while maximizing the audible immunity of the sound. Going up to kHz gives me the highest amount of detail extraction, but the music becomes more metallic, harsh and digital sounding. Written by Uri Cohen Published Jun 9, Headphone jack 1 is for high impedance cans ,onitor 2 musilan for low impedance.

Reply February 16, wullymc.

Musiland Dragon with True 32Bit/kHz DAC | H i F i D U I N O

Download the latest driver. Just Recieved monitor 02 Dragon and have 3 issues; Manual is in Chinese, Software loads but does not open, cannot tell if the device is working!!! If you are planning on using it for digital only to feed an external DAC, for examplethen they are practically similar. Is that through the USB port? No, create an account now. I can’t stress how smooth flowing the sound is compared to the X-Fi, it really needs to be heard than described. Comparison with 02US and 03US.