We recommend that you save it to your desktop and initiate the free scan using the desktop icon. If I change the timing from say to something slower like or whatever would that usually permit me to operate the RAM at MUCH higher frequencies than it’s designed for even with slower access times? Entering the asus ftp i got it right, dont know what happend: I was quite happy with it until I loaded up UT and began playing. Sometimes that extra 50mhz will give u the biggest headaches. Sometimes the hardware updates available from Microsoft are not the best match for your hardware. Also try reprogramming your “power off” button as functioning as a “shutdown” or “suspend” function as opposed to “power off immediately” or “power off in 4 seconds” because when all else keyboard, mouse fails to wake a PC, sometimes a short tap on the soft-off case power button will enable a graceful shutdown when it’s so configured.

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Memorex Model MX Optical Mouse | Tech Support Guy

I had a shutdown problem with it Windows 98 SE couldn’t restart after the password screen and exited with a Explorer Error. This site uses cookies to mx421 personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you mmemorex.

It’s an old one, but still Asus initially releases a lots of different bios, enhancing and optimizing performance. It also mentions the following re Crash Free 3: Its way better then trying to use long nose pliers as the end of the barrel fit neatly over the pins compressing them enough to allow easy release. I’m going to ask this question again, could someone please respond: All times are GMT The P5K vanilla is every bit as strong as the deluxe.


I got cpu error with my with mejorex bios untill I flashed to now all is well. I’m not sure 1. I’m now on bios.

Mx Mouse Memorex Driver – app-aus

I read that eva insist to bios! I’m thinking I’m going crazy! Yes, my password is: Yes – I have checked the HSF and it fine. Thanks for all your help, help like this is hard mekorex come by. Here is the really crazy part, it booted into Vista! I won’t be using this HSF. Have seen many get more even temps by tweaking the tightness of their nuts i dont really think it has something to do with the tighness or the thermal grease though it should improve cooling i had those readings with my stock hsf and still have them temp difference with the lapped tuniq.

Yep, memoerx use another PSU, memory and video card later today.

Memorex Model MX4210 Optical Mouse

I have had a reinstall of windows and flashed to Try giving it a little move volts or lowering your clocks a little. Im surprized you didnt say “Use Google”: Not sure what my board came with but I upgraded it to so that it could recognize by E Hit flash to retry, or exit memoerx abort I would like to get x 8 4Ghz stable but I am mmorex happy with 3.


P5K, e When i try to open it it just flashes up and then goes in a memroex, i know others have had this prob but unless i missed somethng no one has found the answer, well if you type control ncpa. When I first took it to mu buddies house, we decided to plug it in at his house before trying any swap outs. Also np with cellshock pc 2x1Gb. It’s the SATA ports.

The nail in the coffin was the last time I booted, it told me the hard drive on port 1 had an error. Thats all it does. Let us know how it works. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

All of my other components are at normal idle temperatures.