Part 1 covers Setup initialization through selection of the Setup type. This is an excellent method for producing mirror images during digital editing. I would have died to have something like this when I was a kid. In conclusion, the stand for the Intel Play QX3 computer microscope is a multi-functional unit that provides transmitted light illumination and a movable stage with which to focus the specimen. At this point, all that is left is the green magnification ring and the objective face plate, which are attached to each other by three Phillips-head screws that reside deep within three cylindrical bosses that double as spacers between the magnification ring and the face plate. At this point, holding and depressing the left mouse button allows you to move the selection around the window, even past the boundaries of the window. With this software, you can capture single digital images, record movies, and perform time-lapse cinemicrography experiments.

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Davidson and The Florida State University. Finally, double-click the “Intel Play QX3 Microscope” icon on the desktop and the program should run. During assembly at the factory, the position of these screws is marked with a red polymeric dye that overflows onto the surface of the circuit board.

If you get a message that the microscope is not plugged in, quit and restart the program. Live Mwc Feed and Image Capture – The live video feed interface named Live View is used to capture single images from the microscope, control the microscope illumination, and make time-lapse cinemicrography experiments and movies.


I had to change the resolution in the software to x before I got a picture. Posted by Anonymous on Apr 22, Performance Enhancing Modifications – Although the QX3 microscope is solidly built and practically indestructible, we have found that several minor modifications greatly improve the overall performance of the microscope.

When selecting max color, blue for example, use the mouse cursor to select the exact shade of blue by selectively clicking on that shade in the blue color bar.

QXScope – QX Series Mac Microscope Software

My computer is windows 7. The Undo button, located below and to the left of the Paint Activity window Figures 1 and 5, leftwill undo the last action performed by the paint program, including the deletion of a selection border.

Microscope Body – Housed in the microscope body are the control and digital imaging electronics, the objectives, and qqx3 oblique illumination light source. Set the stationary turret housing aside until reassembly.

When I do that, the first installer QX3Plus. The miXscope software works great.

Need a qx3 driver for mac – Intel Play QX3 Monocular Microscope

Intel Play QX3 Monocular Give it a try: If the “Found New Hardware” wizard appears and you get a message saying that the driver installation was not successful. Please leave comments using the Hypothes. The material contained in this website is solely the opinion of the authors and is intended for eduational use only.

The three largest diameter circular brush shapes appear by default in the brush palette, but other brush shapes and sizes can be loaded by clicking on the green and white arrow buttons positioned above and beneath the palette. Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes!


This is not difficult to accomplish, because each objective has a different diameter and they are correctly positioned within the magnification ring by a tab on the barrel. The driver should load silently.

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My third grader is pretty curious, so he went around the house finding things to look at. The pipette eyedropper is useful for transferring aliquots of pond water from the specimen containers to the Petri dishes. Place them in a small container for protection against loss. When the “Found New Hardware” wizard appears you will see a message saying that the driver installation was not successful. Advertisements or commercial links. The transparency slider can also be used with textures to change their opacity from a solid texture to a semi-transparent texture that can be seen through.

When the QX3 Main menu window initializes, it loads the last image stored in the Main Activity window back inetl the window if there are no new digital images recorded from Live View.

To produce circles, squares, rectangles, stars, etc. Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! Illustrated in Figure 1 is a typical menu from the Mzc QX3 interactive software. It caught my eye tonight and I decided to see if there’s an OS X driver for it.

After selecting a brush size and shape, you can move the cursor into the Paint Activity window to apply the paint color.