With the computer running and you’re on the desktop, plug the usb wifi adapter in or leave it plugged in. Pulled down menus for a minute. This isn’t going to be what you want to hear. I am now running after booting without the adapter and not sure what to do next You may as well get a usb adapter that way you can use it with more than just 1 machine easily. I know what I want to do, but I don’t know where to begin.

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It looks like that adapter was made between and from what I could gather on it. Oh yeah and welcome.

Hawkingtech Network Drivers Download

Only can power down. I think I’ll send this first, then plug in the adapter and see if all linx again. Manufacturers have a nasty habit of using more than 1 chipset in any 1 whu54d, I guess it’s which ever one they can get cheapest that day. I then deleted the old driver. Here’s the google search for HWU54D chipset http: INF file in this directory but I got the following kinux at one point in the terminal – “couldn’t find “sisu. And the first post from searching for the chipset in google didn’t look good either.


I retried, using the Win driver same name only to be told “driver is already installed”. I logged in on my laptop. Maybe that’s not a good idea.

Right now I’m operating on meg, but plan to kick that up in the near future, to a gig or more. In the end it was so simple – type “sudo ndisgtk” without quotes in the terminal, select “install new driver”, then navigate to the directory where the.

User:Hojalot/wireless usb adapters with antenna

Unfortunately they’re virtually impossible to find in stores but they are plentiful and fairly cheap on eBay. Along the way, the terminal spewed out the following messages, which I don’t understand: You won’t know which version you’re getting when you order it. Then I should have something ready to present to y’all. You will be prompted for your linix. Then I tried to open Writer to update this linyx, and immediately went to black screen.

I had this same problem using Ubuntu 9. Hi Blackcamaro8, Many thanks for replying so quickly.

I have a GSky and it works great. Sorry if pinux above is long-winded, but the secret seems to be to download the latest available driver for WinXP from the TrendNet site before any of the suggested solutions can work I was not at desktop however.


I’ll have to work through getting my accounts active again; haven’t used them in years. Then open a terminal. Usually choose the fifth one.

[SOLVED] How do I install USB adapter for wifi ? [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Not to be found. This isn’t going to be what you want to hear.

Okay, this will be slow but I need to chronicle what’s happening. Take a look at the first result I click on it’s pretty short and to the point http: Hello again Blackcamaro8 and anyone else who’s interestedI had a look at some other older forums and found from http: Opened menus at the top with no problem. I guess we agree on the adapter.

Google search for ubuntu AT76CA http: