Related Articles Here are a few other articles that you might enjoy as well The motherboard straddles the line between expensive overclocking motherboards from the likes of ASUS Republic of Gamers series, and more generic motherboards that simply mirror AMD’s reference motherboard designs. The pin AM3 socket. With out an on board graphics chip this board used just over W with my old LE video card installed, where the M4A79T-E was a few watts higher at W under heavy loads. Total System Power Draw Source:

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Socket AM3 Computer Motherboards. It did not come with the retaining bracket. Gigabyte’s GA-MAFXT-UD5P has the highest power draw under load, and the second-highest while idle, but again, the performance numbers are skewed since there are different parts in the various test systems. For those who are building high-end Phenom II systems, this likely won’t be a large loss since discrete graphics will always outperform IGPs. So with that in mind I narrowed my motherboard list to AM3’s only.

I have used a dual core from intel and it was a good product.

Effectively making a BE an BE for free! The pin AM3 socket. AM3 motherboard a great product and well constructed. Gigabbyte motherboard lives up to it’s claims, with 2ozs of copper in the PCB. Under load it is near 70c where the Gigabyte North bridge is near the c mark.


Top 5 Heatsinks Tested. Of course, the paper specs are only half the story, and the real question that’s on everyone’s mind is how the new Phenom II processors will overclock on this motherboard.

Gigabyte Total System Power Draw and Conclusions – GA-MAFXT-UD5P FrostyTech Review

But I do like the board. Privacy policy and Terms of Use. Heat Sink Review Index.

It will take further reviews with this setup to really determine the true speed of this motherboard. The remaining front panel headers are grouped together on the bottom edge of the motherboard, with two USB headers and an additional firewire port.

But if the difference in power consumption stays about the same with a higher end video card installed then the savings on electricity alone makes it a better long term investment. This system relies on an active air cooler, so those who use liquid cooling or a passive CPU cooler will need a system fan to keep overall case temperatures down.

System Power Draw Tests: For a used board I think I paid a hair to much. Excellent product I am very happy with it.

Gigabyte GA-MAFXT-UD5P Motherboard Review – Legit ReviewsIntroduction and Specs

I researched and read hundreds of reviews on differing system types for the new AM3 processor line and found some interesting facts.


Websites you may also like: Since AMD long ago moved the memory controller from the motherboard’s northbridge and onto its processors, the FX chipset that was used with DDR2 motherboards is also used in DDR3 motherboards, with a minimum amount of fuss. Beginners Guides Cases and Access. Talk about a bonus. A six core AMD runs no hotter that 45 degrees celsius under full load. Total System Power Draw.

There’s also a clear CMOS button that can be used a last resort for when overclocking goes horribly wrong. The motherboard is great.

Gigabyte Technology GA-MA790FXT-UD5P, Socket AM3, AMD Motherboard

A I have used a dual core from intel and it was a good product. You may also like. AMD Socket 7 Motherboard. Best Bang for the Buck Having to draw a line in the sand for the budget of a ga-ma790fxt-hd5p computer doesn’t need to mean settling for less.