Enabling Ports Set all ports you want to use to [Enable] on the control panel. Optional Accessories Optional Accessories The following table lists the main accessories available for the printer. The Sleep mode cannot be disabled on the Chinese model. Setting the Paper Sizes of the Paper Trays If you load non-standard-size paper in the tray 1, 2, 3 or 4, set its paper type on the control panel. Remove the toner cartridges, reboot the printer, and then reinstall the toner cartridges.

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They can cause paper jams or printer failure. The fuser unit becomes very hot during printing.


The PPD file is configured. Duplex Module – Sets whether or not the duplex unit is installed in the printer. Remove any jammed paper. Non-standard Size Paper network, setting network environment. This is optional for the DocuPrint C Safety Notes The machine including c3055dd consumables injuries to your back.

When moving the equipment, make sure that there are three or more persons carrying it.

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint C3055 User Manual

The following explains how to set this feature using CentreWare Internet Docupprint. Enabling Ports Set all ports you want to use to [Enable] on the control panel. Page Enter the margin in the appropriate [Margin] box. Barcode Settings Character Code Tables This section describes the character codes used when specifying each barcode character.


Fuji Xerox CDX DocuPrint A3 Color Laser Printer – xdpi 8ppm –

Close the front cover. If the message “The software you are installing has not passed Windows Logo testing to pw its compatibility with Windows XP” appears, click [Continue Anyway] to continue the installation. Control Panel Menus [Print Language] one of the common menus and provide menu items specific for print language settings.

The machine has ventilation holes on the side, rear, and top panels.

The electronic specifications of an interface is sometimes c3055x called “interface”. If paper is loaded in the bypass tray, remove the paper and close the bypass tray cover. Glossary Computer software designed to perform a specific task.

Before loading labels, transparencies, postcards, or Paper jams occur. If you close the top cover, the Toner then cartridge slot rotates allowing you to install the next cartridge.

To get the most out of this printer and to use fd effectively, please read this guide before use. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

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When used as a local printer, the printer is connected directly to a computer. Paper Jams Behind the Fuser Unit Push down the levers on both sides of the fuser unit toward the back of the printer, and remove the jammed paper.

Photos – C3505dx for printing photographic images and optimizes the reproduction of gradations. Plug the parallel cable into the interface connector on the printer.

The [EtherTalk Zone Settings] dialog box appears. Never throw a drum cartridge into an open flame. The higher the number of gradation steps, the smoother the gradation of colors. If you accept the license agreement, click [Agree]. Changing the Settings Basic Procedure To display a menu screen or to move up and down the menus, use the following buttons on the control panel.

Correctly install the drum cartridge or transfer roll cartridge.

Page 34 Description Button B Pressed to open the front cover when installing the duplex unit if your printer is the DocuPrint C or clearing paper jams.