This option also implements some tricks that will allow you to blank bad CD-RW disks. You will need the disk at once option to record such disks. Pos- sible syntax is: This option is needed if you want cdrecord to directly read the image of a track from a raw disk partition or from a TAO master CD. The XA sector sub-headers will be created by the drive. Note that the verbose output of cdrecord will show you if swap- ping is necessary to make the byte order of the input data fit the required byte order of the recorder. Values marked with kB use bytes as kilo-byte, values marked with KB use bytes as Kilo-byte.

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If the current track becomes the first track on the new disk and if the track was the first track on the original disk. The data is a multiple of bytes. An index list in the form: Cdrecord now checks this and aborts before starting to write.

Only one track may be taken from stdin. If you find any problems with the layout of a disk or with sub channel content e. Informative options -help display version information for cdrecord on standard output.

Scsibus 0 is the default SCSI bus on the machine. Valid values are yes and no. The audio data is read from stdin in this case. With this option, cdrecord will try to retrieve the ATIP info.

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The frsebsd line is a hex dump of the auto request sense information for the command. The following driver names are supported: This option implies -overburn. There must be at least one track per file. Cdrecord knows if a CD-Recorder needs audio data in big- or little-endian order, and corrects the byte order of the data stream to match the needs of the recorder.

If no timeout option is present, a default timeout of 40 seconds is used.

– sysutils/k3b: Missing multiple run dependencies, issuing invalid cdrecord command

This is the default write mode in previous cdrecord versions. If the actual drive does not support to read the ATIP info, it may be that only a reduced set of information records or even nothing is displayed. No track-file arguments to cdrecord are allowed when this option is present and one of the following options: Some of them will force you to power cycle the device or to reboot the machine.

As this is imple- mented as a variant of the Session At Feebsd write mode, it will only work if you select SAO write mode and there is no need to turn it off. If an audio file is not an exact multiple of a CDROM sec- tor bytesthen is is padded with zeroes to fill up to the needed size.


It is recommended to run several tests cdeecord actually writing to a Compact Disk or Digital Versatile Disk, if the timing and load response of the current system is not yet known. If your system is loaded, you should run mkisofs in the real-time class too. The first parameter is the index number in the range Val- ues below 2 seconds are not allowed.

The -clone write mode may only be used in conjunction with the -raw96r or -raw16 option. Only one track may be taken from stdin. The third line gives information on dcsi SCSI status code returned by the command, if the transport of the command succeeds.

cdrecord problem

The sun4c architecture e. A 74 minute CD will only have a capacity of 63 minutes if Audio Master is active and the capacity of a 80 minute CD will be reduced to 68 minutes. This option tells such a drive to force to use the selected speed regardless of the medium quality. If the drive is a known drive, cdrecord uses exit code 0. If you write smaller tracks, the CD-recorder will add dummy blocks.