This entry was posted in Uncategorized. I will try this usb , because the update via browser doesn’t work in my dreambox hd. If you plug the dreambox directly to the PC without a router or switch you need a crossover ethernet cable. First of all have you got a new COM port in the “serial Port” drop down? I am trying update with dreamup but no luck like this power off from mains now link meni usb to dm and usb to my windows vista computer found new hardware installing drivers after few minuts said no drivers found go to site for drivers cp usb to uarta bridge linux vcp drivers download it but no luck if i go to brows type dm ip its go throw in reciever but no found how up date image please help me thanks!

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Leave this field empty. HTML is not translated! When it finishes, click on “Flash”, select the image you want to download. W7 laptop and HP media server. Switch on the dreambox.

Flashing DM500HD with dreamup – what you should be aware of

I read on the forum that there is enough power to propel both two USB ports. I would have ordered your USB board if he would be a solution to my problem.

There are three packages available. Note that you still need to modify your DMHD according to the above instructions to remove the resistors on the main board to enable USB. Cant get my dreamup to work with my DM HD the usb cabel sucks.


I am completely new to dreambox I have a hd still in the box can someone point me in deprecation of a newbie setup? Thank you in advance and best regards. First of all have you got a new COM port in the “serial Port” drop down?

This modification voids your warranty of the receiver. CP drivers for Vista can be found here: Windows doesn’t find a driver when I try to connect by usb. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. When using a router or switch you need a ‘normal’ ethernet cable. When I normal power on my dreambox I see only start page dm50hd new image and device doesn’t boot ddm500hd all.

I try to connect it to my pc and flash the image again but I need the drivers to connect it because the pc doesn’t recognize it.

DM HD information |

Excellent piece of hardware. Can you please say which version of Dreamup you used and how to get Box IP. I have ordered this kit recently has not been delivered yet. You must log in or register to reply here. Also, why not use a mini usb adapter and just connect it to a flash memory card. If the network does not connect for some reason, then you will get an error ‘Bad Request ‘ in the dreamup window.

I can’t connect to it by network because it doesn’t have any ip addres without booting.


Description Additional Images 4 Reviews This had me confused for a bit as the DreamMultimedia website did not have any explanation of how to get around this problem. Note that the rear connector is a little bit large so you need to cut away some of the molded plastic to fit the fan. There is no permanent mounting necessary on the mainboard only removing the resistors mentioned above, if present.

Now my dreambox can’t go to the flash state pressing power button on the start.

How to update firmware DM HD via mini-usb [Sitemap] – Digital Kaos

However, if you use dreamup download from dream-multimedia the latest versionthen when you run it, tick the ‘use network’ box and enter d5m00hd PC IP in the left top box. Remove dm500hhd two screws on the rear, marked with red. Note that modifying the Dreambox HD in this way clearly voids your warranty and that I am not taking responsibility for any damage that could be caused because of this modification.

Usually no drivers are needed to enable the mnii port, however depending on what usb device you connect, it might require a drive tonfunction like usb tuners. July 9, at