Precautions For Service DC0 V The following voltage is supplied to Fusing Cooling Fan Motor malfunct Drawer In Position Detection T Black streaks or bands The paper transport failure troubleshooting procedures are given according to the symptom.

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Multiple Bypass Registration Adjustment mb Power Supply Cooling Fan Motor ma Image Processing Process 1. Remove four screws and the Power Supply Left Cover. Press the Start key. Using one screw, secure the Mechanical Counter to its mounting bracket. Widen flaps on both ends marked with A in the illustration on the left of the Cleaning Assy in the direction of arrow and turn to take off the Clean- ing Assy. The Start key is pressed.

Paper Take-Up Roll 3. Remove one screw and the cable holder.

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Develop D 1531iD

S-4 Drum Dehumidify Mode Display: T Foggy background or rough image Toner Replenishing Control Page 45 – Home Sensor S31 3. This position is detected by a sensor. Atdc Sensor Automatic Adjustment Pour one packet of developer. Foggy background or rough 5.

DC0 V The following voltage is supplied to Memory Storage Image Processing System Install the positioning pin at the location shown in the illustration. PH window of PH Unit is dirty. Image Transfer Section Enter the code number corresponding to the function to be used from the Key Pad. Step Check Result Action Paper meets product specifications.

Utility Mode Setting Procedure T Black streaks or bands Remove the Pressure Lever Assemblies at the front and rear. Misfeed Detection Sensor Layout Mode permits the set- tings of the following functions.

Toner for Develop D 1531 ID

Paper Lifting Plate M Setting Description When the standard original text, etc. Remove two Scanner mounting screws to which no red paint has been applied.

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Troubleshooting Procedures by Malfunction Code C Page – C Scanner Motor M5 2.

The laser diode is forced to turn ON and the laser intensity is automatically adjusted.