Contrast is relatively poor, but maximum brightness is decent. Acer by Jarred Walton on June 18, 1: However the 3GB deal would appear reasonable when we keep the price tag of the Acer G in mind. If the Aspire seems familiar, the chassis is the same as the Aspire G we reviewed a couple months back. With the screen brightness at low, I was able to obtain a 2 hours 50 minutes backup with no audio, video or games turned on. With such reasonable price tag and compelling set of features, I strongly recommend the Acer G. Acer Aspire Specifications.

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It delivers brutal processing power.

Would it be outlandish to use the Mobility at the very least instead of throwing out the same MHz 40SP solutions? With such reasonable price tag and compelling set of features, I strongly recommend the Acer G. Log in Don’t have an account? Hence it is not suitable while viewing against any direct light source. Acer G is a laptop that brings great value to those on a budget, who need excellent processing and graphics performance. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

Like most entry-level notebooks, the Qcer skips out on some of the amenities. Though the Acer G gets away with the heat quite well, it would be a good choice to get an efficient laptop cooling pad if you are into serious gaming. It belongs to the Caspian generation of processors graphic supports HyperTransport 3. Also the integrated 5542 processor would be less powerful than a mainstream dedicated one in raw processing power.


Acer by Jarred Walton on June 18, 1: The Acer G sports a Dolby certified audio system. The internals and features are quite different, though, so let’s run down the list of detailed specs on the The Acer G handles gtaphics well. What it can’t handle in the majority of titles is gaming at native res; x is usually playable at minimum detail, but it looks lousy at best. The viewability from sides is not exceptional, but is adequate.

The nit high brightness display of the Acer G, gives excellent display quality with good sharpness and graphicw.

Acer Aspire G32Bn – External Reviews

This removes the bottle neck and gives the card superior performance. One of the main attractions of this laptop is the graphics engine that lies beneath the hood.

It means you will be in audio bliss, if you connect the Acer G to a nice home theatre or aspirr headphones. The moment you start playing games, the rosy picture changes. The laptop comes with a nice backpack from Targus with Acer logo on it. The MB should be adequate for most gaming and graphics needs, unless you play in the craziest resolutions. However the 64 bit bus stands inferior to the bit bus that most mainstream cards offer.


Acer Aspire 5542-304G32Bn

It does come with four USB ports, and the asipre market likely won’t notice or miss the other features. The Acer G also delivered consistently playable frame rates in Microsoft Flight Simulator which is a quite resource hungry game, due to the presence of huge aspige and extensive terrain. Dustin disliked it enough in his review of the G that he recommended trying one in person before taking the plunge. As rendering resolution increases, the more memory it needs.

Acer Aspire 5542g Review

The 3GB is sufficient for most of the computing needs which can later be upgraded to 4GB. The Acer G comes with a The sound clearly lacks the thump element in it.

I’m not quite as negative on the keyboard, if only because the layout suits me, but it’s certainly not as nice to type on as a ThinkPad or good chiclet design. The speakers give you very nice high and medium range frequencies quite well. The touchpad is centered below the space ader, and there’s a full number keypad on the right.